University of St. Michael's College

in the University of Toronto

The Past Reimagined

Established in 1852, the campus is a historic spectacle hidden within the urban cityscape. Walking down any hall at the University of St. Michael's College is a walk through the past; every piece of architecture has a story. The beautiful campus is filled with a very close-knit community that actively maintains their Catholic identity. With all of this in mind, Wise & Hammer endeavoured to update St. Mike's branding and to design a brand new website.

St. Mike’s honours their past with a new crest.

Bonitatem et disciplinam et scientiam doce me, as the saying goes.

The new crest of the University of St. Michael’s College draws inspiration from the shield designed in 1952 and an emblem that first appeared on a yearbook cover in 1910. It includes the same quartered shield, the same images in the quarters, and the same winged sword. 
“Goodness, Discipline, Knowledge” — the distilled essence of the Basilian motto — will appear in English in a script below the shield, upholding the school’s tradition of excellence while making the words accessible to those who do not read Greek. 

A Piece of History

The crisp colour palette from the new branding was expanded for the website to contribute to the overall user experience. We used a bright green to add energy, and royal blues to balance the design. Reflecting on the finished project, we can't help but feel sentimental about the school's beauty, the wonderful faculty, and the campus' atmosphere. It was a pleasure to explore the University of St. Michael's history, and an honour to contribute to it.

A Web Experience Full of Grace

Creating a user experience that is intuitive and graceful.

We paid special attention to details such as navigation functionalities, search options, imagery choices, call to action messaging, and visual guidelines. Through focus group workshops, Wise & Hammer was able to understand user's needs and expectations when they interacted with the St. Mike's site. Using these insights we created a clear and accessible site architecture that catered to all identified user groups.

St. Mike's in the Palm of your Hand

Everywhere, anytime.

We created a responsive website that utilizes visually engaging elements from desktop and translates them to mobile. Whether on campus or elsewhere, the St. Mike's website is at your fingertips.

Wear it Loud and Proud

In addition to designing the new crest for St. Mike’s, Wise & Hammer designed a casual logo that adds some personality and play to their brand. The new St. Mike's wordmark is rich blue - a nod to the school's original two-tone colour motif - and appears a bit more friendly and laid back than the crest. The casual logo will appear on school merchandise and sports jerseys.

Banner Time

Bringing the branding to life

It is not all digital assets, we love print stuff too. Wise & Hammer got to create attractive pull up banners and back splashes that tune into St. Mike's colour palette and brand style. The blocks of colour and type are immediately recognizable and St. Mike’s shield is proudly displayed on all promotional material.