Hamilton's Leading Advocacy Group

Promoting activism against Big Tobacco through knowledge and policy change.

Advocate Like A Boss

Unfiltered Facts (UFF) is an advocacy group consisting of over 50 youth and adult volunteers working together to educate the public about the tobacco industry and other harmful industries in Canada. Wise and Hammer was approached to design engaging recruitment collateral for the general recruitment of volunteers in the Hamilton Public Library space. The overall goal of the program is to expose the sneaky tactics these industries use to target youth by providing uncensored facts around the issues and to empower youth.

Calling All Advocates

Weekly Meeting Spaces

In collaboration with the Hamilton Public Library, Unfiltered Facts runs weekly Studio sessions where youth, newcomers, and others interested in being part of a community of advocates come together to turn ideas into actions and gain hands-on experience with a wide variety of technology and equipment. To draw more attention to these sessions, UFF wanted a bold, bright and inviting signage that could be used within the library space to encourage the public to check out their Studio Nights.Various signage and other visual collateral were created in order to promote a weekly meeting space provided in cooperation with the Hamilton Public Library. The Unfiltered Facts program is powered by positive partnerships between youth and adults. It provides fun and exciting opportunities for youth to take action on health and social issues that are important to them while gaining unlimited volunteer hours, leadership and teamwork skills.

Those Who Know, Know.

Making Advocacy Fun

We were also asked to create a general recruitment poster to attract uninvolved and passive youth to the Unfiltered Facts program. It was imperative that the design language avoided being preachy or condescending and was relatable to the youth. Playing on the idea of “FOMO" (fear of missing out) in the messaging, we created a powerful yet inviting poster using the same bold colour palette and the iconic raised fist as a symbol of unity and strength.

Hooked By Hollywood

Scream the Truth is a program run in partnership by Unfiltered Facts and Hooked By Hollywood, an advocacy group comprised of parents, teens, public health professionals, and volunteers who are passionate about raising awareness and gathering support for smoke-free movies for kids and teens. We were asked to refresh the existing promotional materials by creating a visually appealing take-away brochure that highlights the facts about smoking in movies for parents while providing them with the steps they can take to promote change.

Sweet Memes Are Made of These

Unfiltered Facts identified four major subcultures they wanted to reach by using shared content on social media. We were tasked with creating memes using taglines created by the UnFiltered Facts youth to target each of these sub-cultures in a visual way. To achieve this, we focused on the use of typography to create shareable graphics that the youth could identify with and Unfiltered Facts could promote on various social platforms.