Never Stop Learning

Oh the Wonder of Learning

Stepping Out as a Leader in Digital Education

In 2016, Ontario broadcaster, TVO released a new campaign, "TVOh" that celebrated moments of delight and wonder that accompany learning something new. The campaign aimed to transition the company from being Ontario's broadcaster to Ontario's learning partner - emphasizing that whenever there's something worthwhile to learn , TVO is there. TVO wanted to transform itself into a unique digital-media organization, that supplied high-quality videos, programming, documentaries, and learning opportunities to schools, families and individuals.

Ontario's Partner in Learning

Celebrating Delight and Wonder

TVO kickstarted a marketing campaign with consultation from PHD Media Worldwide and Cleansheet. They decided to create the TVOh campaighn that would be displayed on transit, cinema, billboard, television, and the internet. Wise & Hammer's role in the campaign was to help deliver digital assets for their website and web ad campaign.

Design that Inspires the "Ooooohs"

Visuals that Ad Up

Wise & Hammer developed all social, mobile and digital ad placements, that consisted of various landing pages, banner advertisements and video integrations. We promoted original content offerings to a broad target audience with a small focus on school teachers. These offerings included: a documentary series; an expansion of the successful mPower platform, and a new season of The Agenda with Steve Paiken reformatted for a new generation of viewers.

Learn Anywhere

Enjoy, Wherever You Are

TVO focuses on catering to a broad audience, no matter where they are, or what device they are using. A cutting edge media platform has to be accessible for all users. Wise & Hammer stayed dedicated to TVO's vision and ensured that we put that sameĀ  focus into our tablet and mobile designs.

Something for Everybody

Learning Available for All

TVO has many successful educational programs and platforms such as mpower - a game-based platform that teaches Ontario curriculum and skill development for ages K-6, TVO ilc - which allows users to earn high school credits online, and TVO kids - educational tv programming aimed at preschool and school-aged children. It was necessary to highlight all of the wonderful learning opportunities that TVO provides to their vast audience. Wise & Hammer developed flexible ads that are visually cohesive but also able to communicate specific programming to targeted audiences.