A Strong Brand from the Grounds Up

A New Face for a Hamilton fixture.

Since it opened its door five years ago, The Mulberry Coffeehouse has become many things to many people: It’s a coffee shop, a lunch spot, a meeting place, a gallery space, an event destination, an Art Crawl anchor, a cozy bar, and most of all a community hub for the busy do-ers and makers who are fuelling the revitalization of Hamilton’s core. For the gang at Mulberry, brewing a world-class espresso has always been a snap, but creating a unified brand that represents its myriad roles posed more of a challenge. 

Enter Wise & Hammer, who took The Mulberry Coffeehouse’s sense of self and reflected it in a unified new brand and web presence. Wise & Hammer was inspired by Mulberry’s huge, historic space on James St. North, its reverence for urban authenticity, and its commitment to offering the community a delicious yet socially conscious menu plus an inviting ambiance and unbeatable coffee. Wise & Hammer built a visual identity that communicates the brand’s values and a web presence that recreated The Mulberry Coffeehouse’s atmosphere online and provided useful, well-organized information with you, the user, in mind.

Starting from Scratch.

Wise & Hammer worked tirelessly to create a new logo for The Mulberry Coffeehouse that spoke to the Victorian-era genesis of the heritage building in which it’s housed. The Mulberry’s ornate plaster ceiling medallions and intricate tile mosaics are original to the building, which was erected by Thomas Allen in 1887.

Wise & Hammer’s gifted artists created a process that was founded on research into historically relevant symbols, shapes, letter and icons. Their challenge was to create an identity that was welcoming to everyone in the community, from early morning commuters on the go to old friends looking for quiet spot to relax and reminisce. They created dozens of designs, refining their work until they had created a visual for a brand that is established, reliable, inviting, beautiful and timeless. The result is a logo that’s founded in the past but relevant for now.

From the beginning, I knew that Wise & Hammer were invested in the success of this project. And from their first design presentation, I knew they understood what I wanted and how to deliver it — and more! The combination of technical expertise and artistic creativity that Wise & Hammer offers is unmatched. Add to that their ability to hit deadlines, communicate without jargon, and deliver an unbeatable project on time and on budget and I know I’ve found the perfect collaborator to help us communicate our enthusiasm for our business to the community. I’m so proud of the results.

Ella Shepherd — Managing Partner of Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

The Mulberry Online.

It’s a site to behold.

After Wise & Hammer had researched, revised, reviewed and revealed the new Mulberry logo, it was time to set about expanding its look and feel across the entire Mulberry online presence. It's not easy to project an authentic vintage vibe online, but Wise & Hammer persevered and prevailed. The result is a site that looks beautiful and functions purposefully and properly. It communicates to users the ambiance of The Mulberry Coffeehouse and provides up-to-date event listings, menus, photos, news and more.

It’s Versatile.

Wise & Hammer created an impactful logo that’s ready to go anywhere and everywhere to help create a cohesive brand identity. It looks beautiful and works effectively on everything from mugs and glassware to stationary and gift cards to signs and tote bags. This logo does it all.

Sign of the Times.

Wise & Hammer’s attention to detail extends to all areas of implementation, from your dazzling digital debut to analogue details such as old fashioned, hand-lettered signs. Wise & Hammer tapped local specialists BrushBoys to create a historically-relevant rendering of the new logo on the interior of The Mulberry Coffeehouse. The result is a harmonious relationship between history and destiny.