Department of Family Medicine

at McMaster University

Innovation, Education, and Healthcare

Changing the healthcare landscape in Canada.

The Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University has been making a difference in our communities since 1967. With a focus on supporting the health and wellbeing of people and their families, their teams provide essential services for all stages of life. They also play a pivotal role in educating family medicine learners, therefore nurturing the future of primary care.

With their 50th year anniversary approaching, Wise & Hammer rolled up their sleeves, examined their vitals, made a diagnosis, and got to work.

A Storied History

50 years in the making.

McMaster was established in 1887, followed by it’s brand colours in 1912. We brought that rich history and notion of tradition to their website by using their brand colours in thoughtful ways.

As a reflection of their innovation, we incorporated strong angles and shapes in the design. This lends itself to engaging visuals, without compromising user experience.

Thoughtful Flourishes

Paying close attention to the details.

With the quintessential McMaster colour palette in mind, we prioritized using these colours effectively in the design. In particular, we used their burgundy as an accent, peppering it throughout the website. This simple detail not only adds sophistication, but also visually draws attention to important content.

Classic with a Modern Twist

Fonts and palettes that work in perfect harmony.

We opted for the slab serif Aleo to be the headlining font. It’s bold and distinct, yet legible across all devices. Lato performs as the ideal supporting partner, allowing Aleo to shine.

As with the fonts, we allowed the prestige of the McMaster maroon to be the focal point, while selectively using the other rich shades as to not compete.

Instant Access

Delivering the same experience - across all devices.

Creating a seamless mobile experience is non-negotiable, and this is especially true for a department delivering education, research, administration, and health services. We designed the mobile website to provide a pleasant experience to all users who a seeking information on the go. 

A Team Effort

Find the person you’re looking for, without the stress.

The faculty and staff play essential roles in the department, and Wise & Hammer designed  two directories that features the hardworking individuals. When looking for a staff member, the user can take advantage of the in page search capabilities. While searching for a faculty member, the user can narrow their results by selecting full time, part time, or both. We chose to include these functionalities to make searching easier, faster, and to eliminate headaches.