McKeil Marine

Innovation in Action

McKeil Marine

Offering innovative marine solutions for some of North Americas biggest corporations, McKeil Marine approached Wise & Hammer to breathe new life into their online web presence, creating a website that was more reflective of their current position in the marine industry.

We were tasked with creating a new, exciting responsive online experience, that brings together an accessible website, a mobile sales tool showcasing their fleet and abilities, comprehensive case studies showing some of the “out of the box” solutions they’d created for their clients, as well as a section that showcased all the good work McKeil continues to do for the community.

We Need More than a Website.

“We need a product that allows our sales people to deliver the information our clients need in real time.”

With an extensive fleet of tugs & barges, Mckeil offers their services to some of North Americas biggest players. Having the ability to have full access to the fleet and specifications of the vehicles was key to creating a tool that was both functional and practical for the sales team.

They needed an online marketing solution that spoke to website visitors, but also effectively armed their sales team with the specifications, available dates and configurations for the fleet so they could serve their clients requests effectively in real time.

Whatever Floats Your Boat.

Visible on any device, from any location, for any purpose.

Mckeil Marine has spent almost 60 years in the community building up their brand. They had a great story to tell, and a website that didn't deliver an experience that worked on a variety of devices from mobile to desktop. 

Wise & Hammer and Mckeil did extensive architecture to create and implement powerful user experience strategies that focus on delivering impressive sales & marketing material, as well as relevant information to the local community. The final product delivers their content beautifully, to any user, in any location on any device.

The team at Wise & Hammer helped focus our key messaging and ensured our website presented McKeil as the leading marine transportation and project services provider in our market. We wanted a site that we could build a complete marketing program around, ensuring we continue to highlight our capabilities and showcase our growing fleet and crew. This was accomplished with their tremendous technical and design support, to interconnect and build a dynamic tool for marketing ourselves to a sophisticated customer base.

Brent Kinnaird — McKeil Marine

An Assortment of Collateral.

Alongside developing the website, Wise & Hammer created several accompanying sales, print, trade show and advertising collateral. We're more than just a web shop. Wise & Hammer has the knowledge to take your brand, campaign, or product through the entire spectrum of digital advertising.

Partners in Your Campaign.

With a visual language established to accompany their brand, Wise & Hammer developed a print campaign to coincide alongside the new website launch, tying all the marketing components into one solidified brand.