A Political Sea Change

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Matthew Green Website Design

Prior to his run for City Councillor of Ward 3 in Hamilton, Matthew Green was a motivated and passionate citizen and business owner. He was always there helping or spearheading community initiatives that improved the neighbourhood he lived in for the better.

Once elected, Matthew wanted a new kind of Council member website. It needed to meet and exceed AODA accessibility guidelines, allow his team fast and easy maintenance of content and data, and excel on all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. Most importantly, Matthew wanted a website that would allow him to stay true to his promise on delivering his constituents and the city access to Open Government.

Having open data is one thing but delivering it to constituents on all devices in an intuitive manner is important. Debates about issues can happen anywhere and an engaged citizen who has access to facts is an empowered citizen.

Real Time. Virtually.

"When you make a commitment, you keep it."

Matthew has a high commitment to Open Government. His website was designed to allow him to deliver on that commitment — from providing a way to quickly post breaking news to providing a place to store information and data related to specific issues in the city.

Matthew’s website helps him deliver information that his constituents need, when they need it.

Promises Are Easy.

But how are we going to get there?

We took an approach to utilize WordPress resting atop the NationBuilder API to create hooks so that all communications from the new WordPress site were immediately directed to his ever growing constituents list.

The power of this approach was that website administrators could collect contact information from visitors and funnel that information into Nation Builder, allowing Matthew and his team to keep the conversation going, online and off.

You can read more about how we did this on our Birdhouse blog post, Green Powered by WordPress & NationBuilder