Connecting and Empowering the Lymphoma Community

Lymphoma Canada

Dealing with lymphoma can be overwhelming, whether you’re a patient yourself or if you know someone who is. But you don’t have to face it alone. Lymphoma Canada connects patients, their family and friends, medical professionals, researchers, volunteers and donors to build a strong community.

Wise & Hammer was selected to create a new accessible website that reflected Lymphoma Canada's rebranding efforts, met AODA compliance and worked to deliver all of their content responsively.

Fully Optimized, Engagement.

Know thy user.

In our discovery sessions with Lymphoma Canada we were tasked with much more than developing a new website. We did extensive discovery sessions allowing us to create personas for potential users of the site, even before we started in on the architecture.

Knowing a client’s users in advance of developing a site architecture allows us to create smarter taxonomies, which in turn leads to clearer paths to relevant information on an individual level. It reduces drop-offs and enhances the entire experience.

Responsively Inclined.

Attention all mobile devices.

Delivery of all their content to absolutely everyone was critical to Lymphoma Canada, they didn't want people not having access to new developments in treatment or their local help groups.

All of the information had to translate to every user no matter what device they were browsing with. Wise & Hammer developed a site that went beyond the normal scope of just being a responsive website, making sure all aspects of the data were accessibly delivered to every user.

Working with Wise & Hammer was great! The team was extremely helpful and always available to offer suggestions to help us have a stronger impact on the members of the lymphoma community visiting the site. The studio's creative team added life and consistency to our site. Their support throughout the entire project was an enormous help for a small non-profit going through a website rebuild and redesign.

Charlene Ragin — Lymphoma Canada

Know Your Nodes.

The full power of developing in Drupal allowed Wise & Hammer to create smart campaign websites, that didn't require a full design or development team each time Lymphoma wanted to share new information. Clean, effective campaigns, without breaking the bank.

Microsite Enabled.

With many chapters in Canada, Lymphoma wanted to allow externally affiliated groups the potential to develop their own chapter websites. Our solution for building a micro-site engine into their website’s core allowed them to do just that, making for a stronger community.

Social Strategy.

We did more than just add simple social buttons to the website, we showed Lymphoma how to reach out from a variety of platforms and speak directly with their community. Engaging with everyone from patients to hospitals and doctors sharing their latest reports and insights.