Where Products Get Discovered.

Simplifying product content management

Hubba is a unique platform that connects product creators with retailers and allows for a seamless exchange of brand and product content.
It is a single source where retailers can locate the latest product data, graphics, logos, videos and photographs. Brand owners can feel at ease knowing their products aren't being tarnished with improper graphics or off-brand language. 

Retail Connectivity.

For Brand Owners and Retailers

Hubba wanted a dynamic front facing website, that invited people to dive straight into their application while explaining how they connect the two.

Hubba wanted to explain there is no learning curve to their software, and was designed as a platform that doesn’t take you away from your daily responsibilities

65% of users can't be wrong.

People love to buy, but they hate to feel sold.

Hubba needed to work with the sort of people that are always on the go, and there analytics showed they were getting over 65% of their visitors arriving on mobile devices.

Wise & Hammer worked to make sure all the information was available to all potential clients, on every devices and all of there signups were seamless, preventing drop offs.