City of Hamilton Community Report.

A Report to the Community.

The City of Hamilton has a great story to tell. Over the last decade the city that once saw itself fall into a decades long recession has been growing exponentially. This renaissance was the key message The City of Hamilton wanted to focus on when they approached Wise and Hammer to help create their Report to the Community.

A Visual Language.

We have so much data to share, can we make it bite-sized?

Looking at the masses of data the City wanted to share, we quickly realized that simply laying things out in graphs and charts wasn't going to provide the entire picture of the positive news in a single snapshot.

We developed off a custom grid to deliver the information in bite-sized chunks, easily relaying the patterns of growth and positive turns in many of the cities key demographics and analytics. 

The final document showed the reader in friendly, connected ways, the key points the city wanted to make about it’s growth, investment and public programs.

It’s in the Cloud.

The city wanted every citizen to have access to the report, but they didn't want to break the bank.

In our preliminary discovery we thought well beyond the creation of a simple printed document. Hamilton is a city with a population of over 700,000 people, with many new outsiders looking in, wanting information about relocating here.

So, alongside the printed piece, we developed a smart digital brochure that the city could share in real time to all possible audiences via their website and twitter accounts.