And Justice for All

Canadian Centre for International Justice

Serious Work for a Serious Brand.

The Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ) speaks up for victims of unthinkable atrocities. 

They asked Wise & Hammer to help them speak louder through better online branding.

There’s a lot at stake when an organization mandated to seek justice for victims of serious human rights abuses calls on you to help them get their message out.

Wise & Hammer is proud to be up to the task.

Through a contemporary, sophisticated new logo and a powerful, fresh online presence, Wise & Hammer was able to help raise the profile of the CCIJ.

A Custom Canadian Design

A Canadian brand needs an identity that’s fluent in both official languages.

In addition to creating concepts for both French and English variations, Wise & Hammer created a simple, effective bilingual visual by stripping the wordmark down to its French and English acronyms to reduce visual clutter.

We are very grateful to Wise & Hammer for their skill, creativity and generosity. As a non-profit organization with tight budgets, we have really appreciated Wise & Hammer’s flexibility and willingness to accommodate our challenging needs. They’ve produced two beautiful websites for us, one of which was launched just recently to great reviews. They also did a terrific job with our re-branding. We have already had a long and really beneficial relationship and we look forward to continuing that for many years into the future.

Jayne Stoyles — Executive Director, Canadian Centre for International Justice

Canadian Centre for International Justice Online

The CCIJ website features powerful content, including survivor stories and details of cases the CCIJ is monitoring. Wise & Hammer created a site with a graceful yet formal design that honours this powerful content.

Through the use of simplicity and space, Wise & Hammer reached a fine balance between impact and usability. Larger fonts and ample white space allows the content to breatheso you can absorb it with clarity. 

CCIJ Goes Mobile.

The new CCIJ website is fully functional and a joy to behold on your handheld device when youre on the go. Your mobile experiences will be as fluid, concise and as easily navigable as on the desktop site.