Casey House Foundation

Website Redesign, Development & Ongoing Support.

Casey House

The Casey House is a specialty hospital with community programming including home care and outreach programs. Founded 25 years ago, it was the first freestanding HIV/AIDS hospice in Canada.

Wise & Hammer was selected to work with Casey House to create a completely new online presence. Wanting to be ahead of the upcoming AODA compliance rules, the site needed to click off a few imperative boxes. Accessible, engaging, and responsive.

Rebuilding Lives...

and doing it one life at a time.

Casey House was never happy with their old site. They were locked into a service and licensing agreement for a proprietary content management system. The biggest problem being no one knew how to use it. Every time they wanted to make a change to their content, they’d be placed into a cue. Waiting to pay an external developer to do the work they wanted live days ago.

Wise and Hammer is a strictly open source development shop. Locking a client into a content management system (or any proprietary software solution) is simply not our goal. We built Casey House's new site on the WordPress platform, and trained their staff extensively on how to use it.

A Friendly Mobile Face.

Responsive design for sharing patient stories, events and donations.

Casey House had noticed drop offs from both their mobile and desktop users on their old website. We spent significant time developing personas, new ideas and pathways that engaged the users to share the content they were viewing.

When building out the new design, we also made specific time to implement a smart, responsive mobile interface that all users could continue to share, as well as improved any previous drop offs from the website.

Journalist, author and activist known as “Canada’s Conscience,” national icon June Callwood was one of the founders of Casey House. Casey House is named after her son.