A neighbourhood "from scratch" bakery

Dedicated to using local ingredients and creating living-wage careers.

Your neighbourhood bakery.

When Josie Rudderham was laid off her job, she took the opportunity to devote her time to work towards the dream she had always cherished: start a business in the food industry. Nicolle Miller, her friend who had been working in a bakery for more than a decade was eager to join her. In 2011, they successfully opened a neighbourhood bakery that seeks to showcase the creative artistry of local people by providing them with flourishing living wage careers.

Hungry for change.

When Cake & Loaf approached Wise & Hammer to redesign their existing website, we knew working together would be a piece of cake. An exceptional bakery website entices the appetite with tantalizing, delectable images and videos. Cake & Loaf had already built quite the social media following with their alluring posts - now they needed a website that could showcase them.

Icing on the cake

On top of being visually appealing, the website needed to be informative and helpful for customers. Most customers do their shopping research using their smartphones. Therefore, it was vital that they could be able to find and view Cake & Loaf’s new website with ease from any device. 

Custom Cake Builder

With Cake & Loaf’s business rapidly expanding, a custom tool was required to handle all of their custom cake requests. The custom Cake Builder was our solution. With it’s ability to take custom cake requests and provide price estimates, it simplifies the process for both customers and Cake & Loaf.