Building a Platform for Progress

The Broadbent Institute

The Broadbent Institute is an independent, non-partisan organization championing progressive change through the promotion of democracy, equality, sustainability and the training of a new generation of leaders.

Wise & Hammer was invited along to help redefine the look and feel of the recently minted think tank. Re-developing the website, custom CRM and the popular media site PressProgress as well as assorted reports, brochures and documents for promotion.

Refreshingly Progressive.

Making our mark on the Canadian landscape.

The Broadbent Institute has always had a great message for Canadians. They've focused their insights and discoveries on issues that matter in today's day and age. However, their initial website was simply not engaging users.

Wise & hammer was tasked with creating a visually stunning and accessible website that focused on delivering Broadbent’s key issues and platforms to progressives across the country. From the Green Economy to income inequality, we architected and created an accessible interface that stopped the previous user drop-offs, increased audience conversions and kept Broadbent’s users engaged and returning.

Accessible. Mobile. Elegant.

Canadian Think Tanks beware.

Broadbent’s political base is becoming younger year after year, and becoming more engaged than any of its competition. This meant creating an experience for users that can travel with them, without sacrificing everything we’d set out to do with our bold desktop design. 

In fact, our designing began with a focus on “mobile first” methodologies. Meaning we knew how everything would tie in together no matter what platform or device the user was on before we coded a line. The final product is an experience to behold no matter where you are or how you are receiving it. Because, isn't that what engagement is about?

Wise & Hammer's unparalleled support and ability to create beautiful designs with flawless execution puts them in a class of their own. We at the Broadbent Institute look forward to continuing to work with Wise & Hammer on our current and future endeavours.

Kathleen Monk — Broadbent Institute

We wrestled CiviCRM and won.

Broadbent uses CiviCRM as it’s primary CRM system.  We took Civi’s core and developed our exclusive campaign donation engine. Allowing Broadbent to speak and target more effectively to their representative audience.

Reports for Canadians.

The Broadbent Institute releases intelligence reports over a multitude of issues important to Canadians on a regular basis. Wise & Hammer has helped on the design and delivery of several of their reports, from print to digital.

Micro Campaigns

Sometimes a print report isn't the best way to show your audience key details of an issue. Important facts delivered online can make a much bigger impact to a larger base. That’s why we’ve worked with Broadbent developing amazing micro-site campaigns that showcase their research.