Time to Go Back to School

University of Toronto, Mississauga

When creating any website, design and development will always be faced with a few challenges. Designing a site with the scope and scale of a university is something else all together. When the University of Toronto, Mississauga hired us to create their new website, we had to take everything back to the beginning. From developing multiple Personas of the Universities users, to a completely new architecture which encompassed the diversity of all of the programs and events.

Navigating the Colossus

Simplifying a large mobile menu system.

The University of Toronto, Mississauga has 14,000 students, 2000 full and part time staff, 15 academic departments, 145 programs and 88 areas of study. With such a large, complex system in place it is imperative that the experience stay as efficient and user friendly as possible.

At the mobile scale the screen real estate is much more limiting than that of a larger desktop browser. Wise and Hammer created a unique mobile experience that guides the user through the many levels in an intuitive and easily digestible way. 

Putting users first

The process begins and ends with user engagement.

The key to developing a successful website is fully understanding its users. We know that when we dig deep to form a better understanding of who these users are and their needs, we can appeal to them in most effective way possible. It reduces drop-off rate and improves the quality of the entire experience as a whole.

Wise & Hammer’s commitment to a seamless and intuitive user experience made them the clear choice for redesigning our website. The team translated our complex needs into elegant design and programming, while ensuring accessibility and mobile optimization. Moreover, working with Wise & Hammer was a delight!

Nicolle Wahl — University of Toronto Mississauga

Adding a little personality

Real people with real motivations, desires and concerns.

We conducted extensive research allowing us to create multiple personas of the use cases for potential users of the site. The personas were constructed using personalities relating to identifiable user and were developed with specific details rather than generalities. By using personas, we are able to craft the site a more mindful way, keeping the user at the heart of everything we do.