Allan Rouben Rebrand

Allan Rouben

Allan Rouben has been practicing law in Toronto for over 25 years and handles all kinds of litigation matters, including appeals, employment and labour disputes, personal injury and insurance cases, long-term disability claims, professional negligence cases, shareholder and partnership disputes and some criminal cases.

Allan never had never thought about developing a proper identity for his business before. But as the world of law became increasingly more competitive, Allan saw his counterparts moving into self promotion and branding. When he decided it was his time to jump, he turned to Wise & Hammer to build a fresh new website and new identity that would feel as professional as he was.

A Toronto Lawyer, Should look Torontonian.

We designed several revisions before coming down to the key fact that Allan truly wanted to convey, “He was a Toronto Lawyer.” 

We looked for things that we’re definitively “Toronto” and eventual decided that the one most solidified elements we could come up, was the typeface used exclusively in the Toronto Subway Systems. We retraced signage, and built out an identity we were all proud to show to Allan.

Experience. Compassion. Integrity.

With Allan, it’s more than just words.

Allan is a great writer and speaker, and he writes about almost everything pertaining to law.  He’s even been featured several times on, Canada’s most respected legal online magazine. 

Whether he’s writing about his last argument to The Supreme Court of Canada, or simply explaining new developments in employment law, he wanted a clean effective tool to deliver information on his trade and stories. 

Building an Audience.

Doing it right the first time.

Allan is a professional by all characteristics of the word. He wanted his online presence to demonstrate that same level of sophistication and professionalism. We created his website with all of that in mind. Accessible content, responsive design, sharp, clean lines and attention to detail that draws in a potential client, colleague or publication.

From the very outset of this project through to its completion, it has been an absolute pleasure working with Alistair, Nicolle and the entire team at Wise & Hammer. I have been struck by their level of professionalism, skill and creativity. Most of all, I have benefitted greatly from their encouragement and support, and have always felt they’ve had my best interests at heart.

Allan Rouben — Barrister & Solicitor