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Getting to know us, getting to know all about us.

Hello There!

Meet the Wise & Hammer team, and find out a bit more about how we create exceptional experiences for our clients.

From the very outset of this project through to its completion, it has been an absolute pleasure working with Alistair, Nicolle and the entire team at Wise & Hammer. I have been struck by their level of professionalism, skill and creativity. Most of all, I have benefitted greatly from their encouragement and support, and have always felt they’ve had my best interests at heart.

Allan Rouben — Barrister & Solicitor

A Rare Medium, Well Done.

Wise & Hammer excels at creating exceptional experiences because of our dedication to our craft. Like a bespoke tailor from Savile Row or the traditions of classic millinery and shoemaking, our approach puts high quality materials into wise and experienced hands in order to create customized finished products that fit our clients like a glove.

Not only is this attention to detail and craftsmanship hard to find in the world today, it is also rare in the world of digital design and communications. While our inspiration comes from a by-gone era of artisanship, our tools and materials define the leading edge of the digital age. We paint with pixels, we seduce with social media and we inspire with our interactive design.

We understand that all media have become digital, integrated and interrelated, so we select digital technologies that are open and made to work together. When you work with Wise & Hammer, we will take the time to understand your needs and help you select and build tools that meet those needs while always being mindful of controlling cost and providing scalability for the long-run.

Teamwork and Flawless Execution

A truly collaborative approach yields amazing results.

We put great value on collaboration, because we know that creating exceptional experiences is more like an orchestra creating a symphony than a single genius making a painting. The best work comes from deep, genuine and enduring relationships. Throughout our creative partnership, we take the time to understand your unique goals, clarify objectives, generate ideas and steward the process through to a flawless execution. We know that you need to demonstrate your success, so we work also with you to measure and evaluate your program and together adapt as we gather additional insights.

Passion. History. Dedication.

Have you ever noticed how the most talented people are the ones who really love what they're doing?

There is a connection. Passion drives performance. At Wise & Hammer, we're interested, we are invested. We really love what we do and it shows in every product we deliver. Since 2001, we've developed, grown, and maintained lasting relationships with top organizations and leading companies of tomorrow around the world. Always creating solutions that provide imagination, efficiency, and growth. 

A Commitment to Service

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service.  As our proven ability to maintain long-term customer satisfaction shows, we must be doing something right. Getting to know our clients' needs, goals and aspirations help us to consistently design and deliver the smartest, highest quality solutions to the challenges they face everyday. Of course it doesn't hurt that besides being true partners in strategy, design and technology, we are also their biggest fans.

Expect Great Things

When you work with Wise & Hammer, you should expect great things. Expect commitment, expect collaboration, expect solutions that noticeably improve your business. Our talented multi-disciplinary team of digital creators and strategists partner with you to solve problems, realize opportunities and consistently deliver truly exceptional experiences.