University of Toronto

Faculty of Information

Information and Education in the Digital Age.

As Canada’s first school to join the Information School consortium, the iSchool at the University of Toronto is among the world’s leading information and knowledge management schools. With a focus on approaching education through the prism of people, information and technology, Wise & Hammer focused on creating a digital landscape where the school's innovative ideas were expertly communicated in an elegant, intuitive manner.

Discover Pioneering Programs

Researching a prospective school or program can be a daunting task. By mirroring the Faculty of Information's multidisciplinary approach, Wise & Hammer focused on combining copy with visual cues. Clean, elegant icons act as entry points, guiding the user's eye to the information that they seek, with a fully expandable microsite navigation. The result is a comprehensive resource for Future Students that informs instead of overwhelms.

Interdisciplinary Platforms

A symbiotic translation to mobile

As a school that is paving the way for information studies in the digital age, we decided to create an equally functional mobile counterpart. With a simplified header with hamburger menu and footer, content area and social media bar, the user can navigate the content on mobile with ease.

Across all Devices

Available to all users

As a conduit of information, the iSchool needed their website to be fully functional on all devices. Wise & Hammer developed and tested a responsive design that provides accessibility to every user, on every platform.