Never Stop Learning

In 2016, Ontario educational broadcaster, TVO, transformed itself into a unique kind of digital-media organization, supplying high-impact, high-quality learning opportunities to schools, families and individuals. 
After consulting with PHD Media Worldwide and Cleansheet, TVO kickstarted a marketing campaign for display on transit, cinema, billboard, television, and the internet. 
We were happy to play a role in this campaign, we got to work right away.

 We developed all social, mobile and digital placements, this consisted of various landing pages, banner advertisements and video integrations. 

We had a broad target audience with a small focus on school teachers, to promote original content offerings to. These offerings included: a documentary series; an expansion of the already successful mPower platform, and a new season of The Agenda with Steve Paiken reformatted for a new generation of viewers.

Learn Anywhere

TVO focuses on catering to a broad audience, no matter where you are, or what device you're using TVO has tried to be accessible with your lifestyle. 
We put that same dedication and focus into our tablet and mobile designs.

Where ever you are.