Department of Family Medicine

Making Medicine Feel Healthy

An Apple a Day

Crafted with surgical precision. 

McMaster was relocated to Hamilton from Toronto, Ontario in 1930, and has been an iconic institution in our city every since. McMaster has established a rich history in Hamilton, and generations of their alumni graduate with a sense of pride. The university stands out from others by showcasing its dedication to research, improvement and rich culture.

The Department of Family Medicine is no exception to this, and Wise & Hammer endeavoured to celebrate this with a new website design and UX allowing for ease of navigation and access to relevant news, content and faculty.

A Storied History

50 years in the making.

McMaster was established in 1887, with its branding colours established in 1912. As an integral part of the school's history, McMaster University's Department of Family Medicine recently celebrated its 50th year as an academic department. As a reflection of their innovation, we incorporated definitive angles and shapes to flow into their designs.

A History of Excellence

And a new visual language.

We focused on maintaining their historical identity, while also presenting content in a modern way. With the quintessential McMaster colour palette in mind, we focused on using these colours effectively in our design. In particular, we've used their burgundy as a powerful accent, peppering it throughout the website. This colour interacts with the gold and blue to establish more impactful and elegant visuals. 

Instant Access

From desktop to mobile.

Working with mobile first to establish the core design, we were able to provide content across an array of devices. Allowing users to access the information they're looking for from any device and from anywhere.

Functional. Beautiful.

Future proofed.

The final design embodies The Department of Family Medicine's push towards the future, but remains true to the McMaster identity. The site was designed to meet and Exceed all AODA AA standards and we're proud to have helped contribute to their 50 years of history and push to the future in the City of Hamilton.