Crowdsourcing Canadians

A Sonic Time Capsule

150 Years in the making.

First conceived as a participatory celebration of Canada's 150th birthday. CanadaSound has some impressive institutions behind it: CBC Music, The Juno Awards, The Department of Canadian Heritage, Caras (The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences), and SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers).

The Biggest Musical Collaboration

The call went out to 200 artists and over 30 million citizens.

With CanadaSound, Canadians can access, explore, and contribute the sounds of Canada; everything from random acts of nature, the unrelenting beat of industry, the sizzle of bacon as it hits the pan, and beyond. These sounds are then given to Canadian musicians to incorporate into their music, creating masterpieces for generations to come.

User-Focused Design

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” ~ William James

Design makes the CanadaSound website look and feel simple, but behind the scenes, we had to address many considerations to make the submission process and overall functionality approachable. Inspired by the initiative & stakeholders of the project, we were ready to step up to the challenge. 

Canada Connects

Submit sounds from anywhere, at anytime.

The website easily allows the user to access and share information. Users can submit sounds from their computer, laptop or mobile device, encouraging participants to capture sounds from wherever they are, nationally or abroad.

Backstage Access

Get your ticket.

We produced a public site with a private back stage entrance that can be accessed by journalists, musicians, and historians for use as a database and intranet. Thanks to this dual-purpose construction, CanadaSound will be powering DJ sets, charity albums, and radio programming throughout the nation's 150th anniversary and beyond.