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Are you an amazing person looking to join an exceptional team? Say ‘hello’ to Wise & Hammer.

Are we looking for you?

Wise & Hammer is a group of really smart people who ♥ design, development and the interwebs. We are passionate about our work, and have a lot of fun making amazing things for ourselves and our clients. We come to work everyday with one goal - To make something awesome.  We are always looking for talented, kindred spirits to add to the fold. Think you may be on the same page? Apply already!

You do not need to contact us and ask about time limits on applying, there are none. If you see the job posted here, that means we are still looking to fill the role. Sometimes a posting will stay up for a long time.  We are not trying to fill seats with asses, we are trying to fill our company with even more awesomeness... That takes time, and we are patient.

Current Openings

  • Senior Experience Designer

    Are you passionate about creating innovative and engaging digital experiences? Do you enjoy translating complex business goals into products that...

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  • Senior Web Developer

    We are on the lookout for a truly remarkable Senior Web Developer to join our family. At Wise & Hammer, you will be leading the...

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  • Front-end Developer

    We are on the lookout for a new Front-end Developer to join our team.  The successful candidate has at least 3 years of industry...

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  • Digital Projects Manager

    You are an amazing DPM. Half human, half robot. Organization, motivation and managing skills blend with a human approach with...

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  • IT / Systems Specialist

    We are seeking an experienced and professional Systems Specialist. Under the general supervision of the Director of Strategic Development, the...

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  • Junior Developer

    At Wise & Hammer our goal is always to provide an exceptional experience. We are on the lookout for a...

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If the right job for you isn’t listed above, don't give up. Get in touch, and tell us why you belong at Wise & Hammer. If something that fits does come up we might just give you a call.

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“Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”
Frank Herbert — Dune